aluminum solar battery

Aluminum solar panel

Shaped aluminum is used in many fields: construction, architecture, interior and exterior design, in industry with conveyor systems, traffic lights, in refrigeration electronics, lighting industry, ... And Aluminum has a clear advantage in the application of solar battery supports

Outstanding characteristic of aluminum solar panel

Long product lifespan

Typically, solar panels have lifespans from 10 to more than 25 years. The fact that they are manufactured to the standard to be able to maintain long-term service against many of the harsh factors of time. This means that the frame system must also have the same lifespan, Aluminum solar panel is the best choice in this situation.

aluminum solar panel


Solar battery systems are often placed in fairly empty areas to catch the sun because those are the places with the greatest amount of light. The aluminum solar panels are shaped like flat panels, with a maximum area of up to 2m2, so all the force will be put into the support frame. Not to mention the empty areas and If there is no cover when there is a strong wind, it will directly affect the battery system. Sturdy support is the most important factor to be able to withstand level 10 – 12 storms

solar panel aluminum

The weight of the aluminum solar panel

For many design and construction projects of houses, the load of the roof has been carefully calculated. That’s why putting up a solar battery system is actually quite a dangerous job. Installing a system that is too heavy on the roof will not guarantee the home’s safety because in the long run, the roof may become weaker, no longer able to support a system that is too heavy. Choosing a material that is lighter and suitable for the strength of the roof is essential. With these criteria, Profiled Aluminum is the optimal choice for the solar battery system. 

Is aluminum good for solar panel ?

When compared to other materials, aluminum has a more suitable price, high durability, and long shelf life and helps save a lot of costs. After metal treatment, profiles are often enhanced with anti-corrosion properties, so it is suitable for construction in coastal areas. Profiled aluminum for solar energy systems is 6063 T5 or 6005 aluminum billet quality standard aluminum coated with anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-conductive surface and has high hardness, durability with real any weather.

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