“Vietnam is enjoying key advantages to promote its industrial development: stable and substantial foreign direct investment (FDI) flow and a young healthy yet low-cost labor force. As a result, the country’s manufacturing industries have been witnessing a dramatic growth”

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Despite being one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and promising next destination for the world’s factory floor. Moving a production base is not as simple as finding a new car park slot.

Manufacturers Want to Quit China for Vietnam. They’re Finding It Impossible


Getting it right in China was hard. Getting the same result in Vietnam is no simpler task.

Having local foothold in both China and Vietnam, with a team led by western management and local industry expert. Our team understand the cultural differences and western technical requirements. This leads to a high level of success.

Finding reliable, technically and commercially competent suppliers in Vietnam can be very challenging. VNO solves this challenge through our long-term relationship with the local factories, as well as our 17 years experience of doing the same business in China.

VNO is a risk-sharing partner, not an agency nor a trading company. Orders are placed on our UK / Singapore companies. We take responsibility for delivery, pricing, and quality. We also provide a financing package that extends from the bill of landing to delivery at your site. We handle the logistics and manage the supply process to minimize your inventory and logistics cost while meeting your supply chain demand.

Having your own local team is costly, will take a long time to set up and can be risky without cultural and business knowledge. VNO reduces these costs and risks by acting as your team in Vietnam. We have an open policy and are happy to arrange and support your visits to our suppliers.

What makes our service the best when outsourcing to Vietnam?


Our manufacturing outsourcing service works well because we offer you seamless communication support from our offices in UK/Singapore/Vietnam and China. Communicating with our team feels no different than any other Eu-based manufacturing company. The difference is we have engineering team based in Vietnam to ensure that your manufacturing goes ahead as planned and for the best cost


Our team in both Vietnam and China has close connections in the international manufacturing industry. Our key QA and QC engineers are international trained English speakers. We provide insider knowledge on how to achieve the best costs and efficient manufacturing in Vietnam. We also give professional advice when it comes to market entry, make/buy decisions


We employ engineers and quality inspectors to monitor your product quality at every stage of the manufacturing process. At the same time, we help to local factories to set up and international quality assurance program to ensure proper procedure is followed at all times. All is one to make sure that your manufacturing needs and quality requirements are met before shipment.

We make outsourcing your manufacturing to Vietnam a totally low-risk venture. With huge savings to be made, why wait? Contact us or call us on +84 9 7979 6222  today to find out more about the advantages and challenges of manufacturing outsourcing to Vietnam and discuss your requirements with us.

We Guarantee Successful Outsourcing

Best delivery performance, competitive pricing, better commercial terms, stable supplier base, control lead time

Effective and seamless workflow

With millions of parts delivered annually and serving more than 30 international customers, we are practicing the most advanced workflow to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers

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