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The advantage that aluminum is increasingly used in sports cars is that it is 40% lighter than steel. This helps the car accelerate faster and brake shorter. In addition, aluminum is very difficult to corrode, 100% recyclable and can be fabricated by many methods. In high-performance vehicles, the main reason for using aluminum is safety. Due to the faster speed of movement, sports car crashes are often more serious. Aluminum's advantage lies in its ability to react to impact forces, Therefore, designers can rely on this feature to design impulse absorption areas or avoid force impacting on the position of occupants in the vehicle, helping to reduce accidents.

Aluminum car frame and components

Cars are the most common type of vehicle in the world. The main material used in automobiles is steel. However, as the auto industry begins to pay more attention to fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, aluminum plays an increasingly important role in modern cars.

The global auto industry (excluding China) consumed 2.87 million tons of aluminum in 2014 and increased to about 4.49 million tons by 2020. The main causes of this growth include increased automobile production. In addition to that is the use of aluminum is more widespread in automobile manufacturing.

Every kilogram of aluminum used in a car reduces the vehicle’s overall weight by 1 kilogram. For this reason, more and more car parts are made out of aluminum. Examples are various, from vehicle engine radiators, wheels, suspension systems, engine cylinder blocks, gearboxes, and body parts such as hoods. vehicle, door and even chassis.

As a result, the proportion of aluminum in the overall weight of an average car has steadily increased: from 35kg in the 1970s to 152kg in the past year. Experts predict that by 2025, the average aluminum content in cars will reach 250 kg.

In addition, aluminum has a very good shock absorption property, which is twice as effective as steel. For this reason, automakers have long used aluminum in vehicle guards. Another reason why aluminum bodywork is superior to steel in terms of safety is that when aluminum parts are bent or locally deformed, the rest of the body shell remains the original shape. This will ensure the safety of the components inside the car.

Vietnam aluminum automobile vision

Vietnam’s auto industry is also on the rise with the spearhead of the Vinfast brand. Vietnam’s car in the future will be a combination of smart, environmentally friendly materials combined with pure battery and electric operation. Therefore, the role of aluminum in the domestic market will be extremely exciting and bring many prospects to many foreign customers. Our aluminum component manufacturers have also developed modern aluminum fabrication and processing lines nowadays and are ready to accept the requests of international customers.

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