I. Overview

The customer is a UK and US company specializes in providing products in the field of military ammunition packaging, has bought many different types of ammunition boxes in Vietnam and China, their goal is to expand into the Vietnamese market and develop more different types of metal boxes.

Metal Box-PA171 is a long tube-shaped part, made up of many component, assembled and welded together. This is a product with typical stamping technology and welding technology with electrostatic coating, which requires the factory to have closed technology from start to finish to create products at competitive prices compare with the Chinese manufacturers.

Metal box in Vietnam

VNO has worked with this supplier for many years, and developed together with them to perfect the technology of manufacturing the strong products –Metal Boxes. We aim to expand the market, develop more similar products, and compete directly with China.

ammunition box in Vietnam

II. Process

III. Challenges

The supplier has been working on a variety of products for VNO and our bread and butter product is Metal boxes, and this project is also another type of Metal box, but the type of product that the supplier has never done before. , with completely different textures and technologies.
– Molds, the JIG is completely different, and completely redesigned
– In addition, it also requires technology that was not previously used for Metal boxes
– The product size exceeds the current welding machine size.
– Gas leak test technology and conductive copper coating technology

Production Technology

It is necessary to establish production technology based on available production equipment system, shorten sample production time

Production Optimizing

Research to improve production technology, fix errors, increase productivity, reduce costs to compete directly from Chinese suppliers.


Before and after comparision

5 month
Number of samples
Sample pass
Sample pass

1st Production (before)

2 month
Number of samples
Sample pass

2nd Production (after)

“Working with VNO for this project is challenging, because this product project is a new type of product line compare to the one our company is producing. First of all, we had to be determined to the product and willing to learn, but it is also an opportunity for us to improve our process and move up to a different level of product quality, cost efficiency,  production scheduling, technical and  compete directly with the Chinese supplier”

Mr. Toại – Chairman

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