Our client is a British company specializing in providing machinery for the woodworking industry, some components are imported from China, their goal is to change the market and need to find another supplier.

The Square Flywheel Fabrication is an example, this is a rather complex technology component, including many manufacturing technique from laser cutting, CNC machining, welding, to dynamic balancing and coating

VNO worked with a supplier specializing in manufacturing industrial fan products, wing-shaped components, flywheels, etc. (all types of products that need a closed production process) with a full range of machinery and equipment to manufacture this product.

II. Process

III. Challenges

Heat distortion

Details involved large quantity of welding, heat distortion is quite a problem

High speed rotation

Dynamic balancing process for high speed rotating heavy components

Complicated technique involved

The product is a wood cutter in a high-speed rotary wood crusher (also a flywheel), thin-walled structure with large weight and size, complicated production technology.
Laser cutting to create molds, CNC machining, lots of welds to join the sub-parts firmly, CNC machining, and dynamic balancing and painting.

We executed pre-weld temperature compensation process, anti-deformation JIG, natural cooling and even flattening

The CNC milling process requires a 5-axis milling machine (or requires specialized jigs).

During product development we worked with supplier engineers . They also received support from our engineers in Vietnam and China. The sample also must be approved by our UK QA manager before being sent to the customer.


Before and after comparision

4 month
Number of samples
Sample pass
Sample pass

1st Production (before)

1 month
Number of samples
Sample pass

2nd Production (after)

“This project is rather challenging, because this product can be considered new to the company. However, working with Vietnam Outsourcing give us the determination to accept this challenges. It is also an opportunity for us to improve our process and advance to a higher level of product quality.”

Mr. Kha – Chairman

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