aluminum heatsink

What is Aluminum heatsink

Aluminum heatsink (or aluminum radiator) is an application created from aluminum. It is used to maintain machinery in a natural environment with constant temperature. The performance of aluminum heatsinks depends greatly on the quality of the aluminum material used for machining

Typical characteristics of heatsink made of aluminum

The flat-back unit is a very popular structural aluminum heatsink. It is widely used in various coolers and electronics.

Aluminum-alloy surface heatsink with aluminum alloy material. It can be made from a thick oxide film. In particular, it can also be relatively resistant to corrosion and has a long service life. Besides, the hardness of aluminum alloy is also higher than that of copper or steel.

Currently, if the thickness is lower, the aluminum heatsink still withstands high pressure, bending force, pulling force, impact force, … while being assembled.

Popular applications

Large 10-16 blades aluminum heatsink

The large 10 – 16 blades aluminum heatsink is made up of mostly aluminum metal. The radiator fins will increase the heat dissipation performance of the flat and smooth base. It is in full contact with the surface of the component. For example CPU, chip, and IC, … make heat dissipation much more efficient.

Usually, aluminum heatsinks are used for the purpose of dissipating heat for power components in electronic circuits such as MOSFET, IGBT, and diode, …

Based on the amount of heat loss on the components you will have to use the right-sized product.

10 aluminum heatsink

Aluminum LED heatsink

Also known as aluminum led lights. This is surely one of the very popular accompanying accessories for LEDs. It helps the led strip lights to dissipate heat and can be threaded into the inside of the aluminum bar very effectively. Not only that, but it is also delicately designed, modern, and extremely solid to meet the aesthetic needs of users.

Aluminum-led heat sinks are often used in the decoration of living rooms, stairs or kitchens, display cabinets, wardrobes, and decorative strips of light on walls, ceilings, …

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