What is sheet metal forming ?

Sheet metal forming is a broad term. Refers to various processing processes such as laser cutting, punching, bending, etc. to transform the original shape of the metal sheet into desired structural products or parts. It is also known as sheet metal fabrication.

Nowadays, sheet metal forming and fabrication is done mostly by modern CNC machines. Therefore, sheet metal forming can be defined as a method of using specialized processing machines to transform the shape of metal sheets according to the desired shape and size. Specialized machines can come such as CNC bending machines, CNC laser cutting machines, punching machines, laser welding machines… Which machine to use depends on the desired product processing methods. So how many sheet metal forming methods are there?

Sheet metal forming processes

There are many different methods and processes for manufacturing sheet metal. Belows are the most basic operations, including:

  • Cutting operation.
  • Punching operation
  • Bending operation
  • Press braking
  • Stamping
  • Extrusion
  • Roll forming
  • Complete welding process.
  • Surface treatment.

Each task will perform a different independent role and task. But usually sheet metal products require a combination of the above operations to create a finished product.

The Material

Materials used in sheet metal fabrication are diverse and have different properties. Like most metalworking areas, machining materials need to have good strength, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

However, in sheet metal, the machining process is often based on the plastic deformation of the material. Therefore, materials with low plasticity and thickness are often preferred. The common materials that we can mention are iron, steel, stainless steel, or tin sheet metal … But for specific industries such as aviation that need more lightweight elements, aluminum will be used more. The household electrical industry needs good electrical conductivity, so we can use copper…

Over time, industries are increasingly demanding the quality of materials and products after processing. That will accelerate the development of the sheet metal industry towards high precision. There is a wide variety of materials used to create products with strict tolerances and high aesthetics today.

Sheet metal forming suppliers

The sheet metal processing industry in Vietnam has made a remarkable breakthrough in recent years. It is the inevitable result of the following factors:
– Integrating and absorbing new technologies and products of the world
– Application of advanced equipment and systems in production
– Implement standards in the production process and factory construction such as ISO 9001: 2015
Vietnamese suppliers and factories confidently implement products and projects with complex and highly technical requirements. You can learn more through our 2 case studies below:

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