Green Urban Life is an interdisciplinary team of the sections of architecture, art, botany and technology, which plan and realize projects with green on and in buildings.

Green urban life
  • Stainless steel – sheet metal forming which include:
    Deep drawn metal stamping for large sphere D200mm & 300 mm. Laser cutting, welding and assembly.
  • Automatic watering solution
  • Vietnam Outsourcing (VNO) provided support from design verification, pre-production sampling, mass production, order fulfilment and delivery on time.

II. Process

III. Challenges


Deformation defect during stamping is a very common type and requires experienced engineers to handle it effectively to ensure product quality is in accordance with customer requirements.


Standardising engineering operations to significantly reduce product scratches is a must for machine operators in our factory

Stress marks

Stress fracture from stamping is a principle phenomenon and we can handle it with 15 years of experience of our highly specialised in stamping engineers.


Stress marks from the forming process  depends on the stamping process, as it is Stainless steel so that the elongation ability of stainless steel is small, the elastic modulus E is larger, and the hardening index is higher. The cracking of the SS material sometimes occurs in drawing process, Austenitic stainless steel has a high cold hardening index (0.34% for SS). Austenitic stainless steel is a meta-stable type, which will undergo transformation during deformation thus induce martensitic phase. The martensite phase is brittle, and easy to crack. In the course of plasticity deformation, with the increase of extension, the martensitic content will then increase, the residual stress will all be increased. The relationship between residual stress and martensite content is, the higher the content of induced martensite phase, the greater the residual stress, and the easier cracking is occurring during processing. .


Choose the most appropriate stainless-steel material: in austenitic stainless steel, the commonly used materials are 1Cr18Ni9Ti and 0Cr18Ni9Ti. During drawing, 1Cr18Ni9Ti is more stable than 0Cr18Ni9Ti and has good cracking resistance or SUS304Cu grade which has a 0.7-3.5% Copper content, which will aid the forming /stamping process.


Use lubricant dry coating materials on the surface of die (main ingredients include nitride cotton, oleic alkyd resin and plasticizer, pressure agent material, etc.) to reduce the friction resistance between the material and the surface of the die during the forming process, it makes the material flow more easily from the deformation zone to the transit zone.

The dry film of the lubricant can separate the die from the blank materials, thus preventing the surface from scratching the parts and bonding of the mold, this way it improves the surface quality and the yield of good parts.


We would like to further expand our cooperation, because we are also
planning to establish the ideas and products of Green urban Life on the Asian market.

We think Hanoi could be a very good starting point.

~ Johannes Leitner ~

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