Aluminum pipe

What is aluminum pipe ?

An aluminum pipe is an extruded metal tube made from aluminum alloy and is commonly used for plumbing, piping, and tubing, especially for transporting gas and fluid. It is also specified by the NPS or Norminal Pipe Size which is issued by ANSI and attached data of wall thickness. Aluminum pipe is generally stronger than steel pipe and is lighter weight. It is also resistant to rust, corrosion, and galvanic action. More over, it does not require painting or coating like steel pipe.

Aluminum pipe application

In Vietnam, it is usually manufactured with 6xxx cores such as 6061, 5083, and 5086. The aging of aluminum pipe also reaches T6, T6551, O, H32, and T52. It has outstanding mechanical and physical properties therefore suitable for many applications in everyday life, construction, industry, and other industries such as:

Know your aluminum pipe

The outer diameter and wall thickness are the 2 most important measurements for the Aluminum pipe. The liquid capacity within the pipe can be calculated by Outer Diameter minus 2 times Wall Thickness, which then equal to Inside Diameter

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