I. Overview

Our customer is the largest manufacturer and supplier of premium hoses, solenoid valves, and water control products in the UK. The majority of these products are currently sourced from China (CNO). Some products are being developed in Vietnam, with efforts to identify and engage additional suppliers in Vietnam.

The supplier specializes in brass products and operates within a village dedicated to brass and copper products in Vietnam. The brass products are machined using CNC machines.

Sub Copper components

II. Main process

III. Detail process

III. Challenges

The product is simple, so there shouldn't be many difficulties with the suppliers. However, there are some areas where the suppliers need to improve and pay attention to: Control of thread defects. External defects such as cracks or surface damage on the product. Standardization of product quality control, measurement tools, and packaging methods according to customer requirements.

IV. Solutions

V. Summary

Supplier comments: As this is an export product, the supplier places great emphasis on controlling the quality standards of the product to the highest level. The supplier hopes that the customer will increase production volume annually and diversify the range of brass products, which is the strength of the supplier.

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