How We Work

Work Process

As an Industrial manufacturing outsourcing company, VNO understand the needs of our customer. We maintain a simple, stress-free and cost-effective for our clients.

Step 101

Receive inquiries and proceed drawings with the technical department

Step 202

Contact customers again through the online meeting, email.. to learn more about customers' requirements and aspirations.

Step 303

Evaluate the appropriate supplier and send RFQ

Step 404

Receive and compare quotations from suppliers.

Step 505

VNO issues final quotation and send it to the Customer

Step 606

Confirm the quotation with the customer and deploy the sample

Step 707

After the sample is approved, deploy to sign the PO

Step 808

Mass production and processing

Step 909

Logistics support for customers and suppliers

We do everything in our power to ensure your outsourced manufacturing and parts are delivered to a high standard and within your deadline and budget. To discuss your business requirements and Manufacturing outsourcing to Vietnam with our experienced outsourcing team, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

We Guarantee Successful Outsourcing

Best delivery performance, competitive pricing, better commercial terms, stable supplier base, control lead time

Effective and seamless workflow

With millions of parts delivered annually and serving more than 30 international customers, we are practicing the most advanced workflow to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers

  • 7
    part shipped annually
  • 98
    Quality acceptance

Free consultation

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