Aluminum Print circuit board (PCB)

Aluminum based circuit board uses an aluminum alloy as a base material for the PCB. The dielectric layer is sandwiched between the aluminum alloy and the circuit layer. Aluminum alloy is a composite of magnesium and silumin (Al-mg-Si). Aluminum based PCBs are part of the Metal Core PCB family and offer excellent thermal conductivity and insulation.

Why they use Aluminum in print circuit board ?

They offer excellent thermal conductivity and insulation compared to fiberglass (FR4) PCBs.

Can be used for through hole technology

Aluminum PCBs provide good heat dissipation, where the dielectric layer absorbs heat as it flows through the circuit layers. This heat is then transferred to the aluminum core, where it is dissipated. This heatsink also provides easy realization of high capacity and high density circuit design.

Cost-effective as they eliminate the need for heat sinks

Aluminum-based PCBs are environmentally friendly as aluminum is non-toxic, metal recyclable.

Such PCBs are very durable as their base materials; Aluminum provides resistance to breakage during manufacturing and daily use. Aluminum is stronger than FR4 and ceramic.

Aluminum-based PCBs are lighter in weight.

The main applications for aluminum based PCBs include LEDs, automobile lighting, traffic lighting, power converters, consumer products etc.

What are the type of Aluminum PCB

Flexible aluminum PCBs: These PCBs use a polyimide resin with ceramic fillers as the dielectric material. When this dielectric layer is applied to flexible aluminum bases, the end product can be formed into different shapes and angles, which eliminates the requirement of expensive fixtures, cables, and bonding. concatenation.

Hybrid aluminum PCBs: In these PCBs, the dielectric material is processed and refined separately followed by applying to the aluminum base. Such PCBs help to dissipate heat and improve the overall PCB board hardness.

Laminated Aluminum PCBs: These PCBs are made of more than one layer of thermo-conductive dielectric material. Such PCBs are more efficient for heat dissipation in more complex designs.

Through the PCB holes: in the PCBs, the aluminum is pre-drilled. Then a dielectric is back filled into the hole.

Aluminum print circuit board (PCB)

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