Everything you need to know about Casting Industry

The casting industry is the technology of manufacturing products by pouring liquid material into a mold to create a product shaped like a mold. The majority is done with metallic materials.

The casting industry is divided into two main categories:

  • Conventional casting (sand molding method)
  • Special casting (metal casting method)

Application: Casting production is developed very strongly and is used very widely in industries, the average casting volume is about 40-80% of the total weight of machinery in the mechanical industry, the casting volume accounts for 90% and the price only accounts for 20-25%.


  • The casting industry can process many different materials: steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous alloys … weighing a few grams to several hundred tons.
  • Able to manufacture castings with complex shapes and structures such as engine shell machine coal … that are difficult or impossible to fabricate by conventional methods.
  • High shape, size and gloss accuracy
  • It is possible to cast many different metal layers in one casting.
  • Casting costs are cheap because of the small investment capital, flexible production properties, and relatively high productivity.


  • The classical casting accuracy in terms of shape, size, and gloss is usually not high.
  • In addition, this industry is susceptible to defects such as shortages, and gas pitting, which leads to defect testing requiring relatively expensive and modern equipment.

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