20 years of footprint in China and 5 years of Operation in Vietnam.


Vietnam Outsourcing Pte Ltd (VNO) specialized in the procurement of proprietary metal components.

With global sale support in Singapore and engineering team stationed in the UK, China and Vietnam, we are serving customers from various industries

We are high - performance supplier with over 7 mil parts shipped annually, covering over 1000 different part numbers to over 30 customers worldwide 

Having 20 years of footprint in China and 5 years of Operation in Vietnam. We consistently rank at the top of our customer-supplier performance rating averaging. With above 99.62% on quality acceptance and 99.8% on-time delivery performance

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  • Cost

    Vietnam is one of the world's fastest-growing economies. With our local solid foothold and industry expert. VNO aim to provide the best value manufacturing solution to our customer.

  • Assured quality and on-time delivery

    With millions of parts delivered annually and 25 years experience we understand the needs and have the right tools and people to assure the 4Cs in mechanical manufacturing: Correct Quality, Correct Quantity, Correct Delivery, Correct Price

  • Trusted

    Established customers pool with re-current order. We are serving over 30 customers from around the world and delivered 4.5millions parts in 2018.

  • Experienced

    Experience engineering and quality control team in China and Vietnam.

About us

Our core value

Better of both worlds

We are a harmonized combination of:
- Vietnamese skilled and abundant workforce that have been continuously exposed to international quality products.
- UK technology and quality control standard to meet the highest requirement.
- Experience Chinese engineering support for the most economic production set up.
- Singaporean international commercial expertise , sense of service, honesty and transparency principle for win-win collaboration.

Keep Delivering

We keep delivering values, quality, and reliability with Vietnam robust manufacturers base and International quality control mindset. We communicate with our customers with a serving attitude.

We are family

Transparency and Integrity are the cornerstones and essential to fostering loyalty and teamwork.
- We believe in investing in our people.
- We continuously develop our suppliers and aim for a sustainable growth together.

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