What is CNC machining?

A CNC system or also known as precision machining is an automated machine controlled by a microprocessor that operates according to a preprogrammed recipe. A CNC machine may be programmed to move in any number of directions at once. CNC machines are commonly found in woodworking shops, metal fabrication shops, and other related industries. CNC machines are used to cut materials like wood, plastic, metal, etc. They need special software to run and program the machine. A programmer writes the code that tells the machine what to do. Then the code is sent to the machine. The machine then cuts the material according to the instructions given.


CNC machines are made up of many different components, each of which performs a specific function within the overall operation of the machine. These components include a controller, tool head, spindle, bed, gantry, and other accessories. The controller operates the machine through software commands, while the tool head holds the cutting tool and performs the actual machining operation. The spindle rotates the tool at high speeds, allowing for extremely precise cuts. The bed supports the workpiece during the machining operation. When the machine is not performing a cut, the gantry moves the tool head away from the workpiece to allow room for additional pieces to be added to the production line. CAD files are converted to GCode files. These GCode files are then sent to the CNC machine. The CNC machine will execute the machining operations.

You can learn more about the  process through this guide here:

Common type of CNC

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CNC machining products are widely used in everyday life. Items from simple to complex. Simple products can be interior decorations, home appliances, kitchen appliances, … Products that require high precision such as machine parts in cars. , satellite equipment, medical equipment, … 

Machining material

Depending on the application, what type of material will be used in your design. A wide selection of materials is available that is compatible with CNC machining technology. Once you decide to use CNC machining to manufacture your products, it’s time to choose the right material for your needs, be it metal, plastic, or even wood. Let’s take a look at our supplier’s capability in metal machining material

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