I. Overview

The customer is an American company, specializing in providing products in the construction industry, some components are imported from China, their goal is to expand into the Vietnamese market and need to find some other suppliers.

ROOF JACK has a detail appearance of a funnel shape. This is a product that does not require high dimensional tolerances, but must have the right technology to meet demanded productivity and achieve competitive price.

VNO has worked with this supplier and co-developed with them to improve the production technology that best suits the available machinery conditions (Press machine). The project has been successfully deployed in the right time.

roof jack

II. Process

III. Challenges

Production Technology

This is a product that the supplier has never produced before.
- Products with complex assembly structure, thin sheets, medium size. Size requirements are not too strict (Normal Tolerances)
- Requirements for bonding: Good surface, anti-rust and water leakage
- For this product type, commonly used technology: Laser cutting, edge rolling by specialized machines
- The problem posed: The supplier does not have this technology, only conventional presses.

Overcoming current situation

- Actual machinery and equipment conditions at the supplier during the production process: Currently only press machines, and a handful of other devices,
- Insufficient and weak manpower.
- The supplier is not familiar with the requirements of the quality of the appearance and the strict features of the product
- During the product development process, we worked with supplier engineers and it took 3 months to deliver the first sample after being approved by our engineer team in Vietnam and China.


Before and after comparision

2 month
Number of samples
Sample pass
Sample pass

1st Production (before)

1 month
Number of samples
Sample pass

2nd Production (after)

Through the time of combining and working together, we have solved the changing problems and selected the technology that is suitable with the current conditions of the supplier, and created the finished product according to the requirements of the US customer

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