Our customer is a market leader in surface treatment technology. Most of their hardware are being outsourced in China. For many reason, US-China trade war included, they need to find another supply.

VNO works with a supplier that specialize in brass valve, connectors. They have almost every equipment, process to manufacture our product

brass product supplier
brass valve

II. Process

This is a matured product, with huge quantity and is assembly of many different components. In order to be competitive, the supplier must have most of the process capability inhouse and a certain level of automation.

“Despite brass valves and connectors are the supplier’s bread & butter. It’s still took
them 7 months and 4 submissions to pass the First Article.”

Chris Mooney – CEO of CNO and VNO

III. Challenges

The supplier wasn’t used to our tight quality and process control. During the new product introduction process (NPI) our QA worked along side with supplier’s engineer. Its still took them 7 months to pass the first article. During the 7 months there were many challenges that had been overcame ie: material and cutting tools control; machining process set up; assembly set up; approval of plating sub-contractor…etc The final sample need to satisfy our ground team in Vietnam together with support from our China engineers and QC lab. It will then be approved by our QA in UK before sending to our Customer


Before and after comparision

Duration (months)
Sample pass
Sample pass

Batch 1

Duration (months)
Sample pass

Batch 2

Duration (months)
Sample pass

Batch 3

IV. Result

Mass production is in place. First batch of purchase orders with quantity of 57k pcs are issued to the supplier. Our customer is getting the same quality and pricing from a Vietnam manufacturer and successfully shift part of their supply chain to Vietnam

“VNO is not a trading company, we like to think of ourselves as an engineering one that not only help our customers with their supply chain, but also work along side with the local factories and help them join the international supply chain.

The concept of our business is simple, however, the execution of which is an art that we are so lucky to learn from our China and UK offices and their 25 years of hard work perfecting this art.”

“Daniel Pham – Operational Director”

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