aluminum frame

What is Aluminum frame

This is considered the skeleton of the door, which is one of two indispensable components in the aluminum and glass door set. The aluminum frames are assembled with angle pressing technology. There are quite a lot of aluminum frame brands in Vietnam, but there are only some name stand out, which include:

Popular Aluminum frame brands in Vietnam

Viet Phap is a type of aluminum produced in Vietnam, applying French technology to produce aluminum profiles. This aluminum series is relatively sturdy and durable, providing quality for small projects. Viet Phap Aluminum uses 3 main production systems of aluminum frame and glass doors: 2600, the 4400 system, and the 4500 system. There is also a specialized 1100 aluminum system used to make facade glass walls suitable for offices, buildings, offices, …

Viet Phap 2600 Aluminum: This aluminum system is specialized for the manufacture of sliding openers. The door uses rails and wheels to help the door move conveniently to the sides to make the most of the space

Viet Phap 4400 Aluminum: Used for the manufacture of rotating open doors, rotating windows, and swinging windows.

Viet Phap 4500 Aluminum: aluminum bar with large, wide panels, often used for rotating doors, bringing aesthetics and certainty to the house.

Viet phap aluminum frame


Xingfa Aluminum originated from Guangdong, China, and was introduced to our country about 10 years ago. This is a high-grade aluminum line, available in many countries around the world. Today, Xingfa Aluminum is a trend trusted and chosen by many investors.
Unlike Viet Phap Aluminum Xingfa Aluminum requires a cutting machine and an angle press to join the aluminum bars together, so the joints of the aluminum frame are very even and beautiful. Xingfa Aluminum used to make aluminum and glass doors is divided into 3 systems: Xingfa system 55, Xingfa system 63, Xingfa system 93. Like Viet Phap aluminum, Xingfa aluminum also has one system specializing in making facades, glass wall is system 65.

Xingfa 55 Aluminum System: Specialized in the production of rotating open doors, flip openers

Xingfa 65 Aluminum: Specialized for use as folding folding doors

Xingfa 93 Aluminum: This type is used to make sliding doors.

Xingfa aluminum frame


This is the same line of Vietnamese aluminum produced with a thickness of 1.3-1.6mm wide, with ribbed systems to increase bearing capacity. The price is relatively cheap compared to imported Xingfa. PMA aluminum has only one system, 55. PMA aluminum system 55 can make all aluminum and glass frames of doors, facades, aluminum and glass walls, …

PMA aluminum frame

PMI is aluminum produced by Press Metal Corporation of Malaysia. The aluminum bars are manufactured according to the latest technology and meet European quality standards. Aluminum bars with thickness from 1.4 to 2.0mm are divided into 2 systems: 50 and 95

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