copper casting

What is copper casting?

Copper casting is a small branch of casting in general. Casting is a method of fabricating an embryo through a metal smelting. The molten copper is then poured into the mold cavity with the shape and size of the casting. Solid metal will create a specimen shaped like the mold core. Copper casting is one of the strong points of Vietnam Outsourcing Pte Ltd's suppliers. We confidently accept international orders that require high precision and mechanical properties

How we ensure your Copper casting success

All steps in the casting process are strictly inspected by us and fully supervised and reported to customers. This is a major obstacle for international customers, especially from the US when looking for suppliers in Vietnam. Because they send precious drawings to more than half of the world without any representatives in that country. There are also language and cultural constraints that can cause outsourcing to fail. The standards our suppliers must follow include:

  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • MIL I 45208

In addition, the QA and product QC processes are carried out entirely in-house and self-contained. Leading to optimal security for customers as well as complete and detailed reports. Vietnam Outsourcing Pte Ltd also has a team of longtime technicians in Vietnam, and China, and all samples, before reaching the customer’s hands, must pass the full test by our British technical experts. 

What you might want to know:

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