Steel casting

Steel casting

Steel casting is a form of pouring molten liquid into a mold and then waiting for the liquid to solidify and cool down to form a cast material. The bulk of the processed liquid steel is poured into a continuous casting equipment for casting into long bars. This long bar is the original shape for rolling. Very large blocks for forging are cast with metal molds.

Continuous casting


In the continuous casting method, liquid steel from the tank (pre-furnace) is poured into an intermediate storage tank. From this basin, steel flows continuously into a bronze mold which is cooled by water and solidifies in the boundary area. The long steel bar is formed with the liquid inner core continuously pulled out from the mold. In an arc-shaped cooling chamber with the rollers changing direction, the steel bar is sprayed with water and oriented horizontally. After changing direction and out of the cooling chamber, the steel bar is edited and cut into chunks.

Through continuous casting, we have bars for rolling with the size associated with the cross-section of the finished product. Therefore, in the next rolling turns, only very few steps are needed.

Through the sudden quenching, steel cast by continuous casting has a finer structure than mold-cast steel. Thanks to this advantage, the continuous casting method shows a better advantage and replaces the die casting method

Processing steel

Steel is cast into long bars or blocks that are rolled, stretched, or pressed continuously for semi-finished products and finished products.

Semi-finished products are intermediate products, such as rolling blocks or sheets (slabs). These semi-finished products will be further processed to become finished products. Finished products are shaped steel and bar billets (rebar or round bars), flat steel (laminates), steel pipes and wire.

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