titanium casting

Nature of titanium casting

Titanium is an extremely reactive metal that will oxidize when exposed to air. Titanium alloys are commonly used in aircraft construction because of their high strength-to-weight ratio. However, the oxidation of titanium creates a thin surface oxide layer that protects the underlying metal. When molten, titanium reacts with oxygen to form a stable compound called titanic oxide. Unlike other metals, there is no need for special equipment to produce titanium ingots. Instead, titanium is produced by the electrolysis of a chloride salt solution. When it is heated, the Titanium reacts with oxygen to form a compound called TiO2. This compound is very reactive and if there is any oxygen in the air it will oxidize the titanium. If you think about what happens when you put water in an oven, it heats up and turns into steam. That is why we need to keep our ovens clean. So, the same thing happens here. Oxygen gets into the titanium and forms a compound called TiO 2. This compound is very reactive. When you heat it, it changes into another compound called TiO 3, which is not reactive. 

How do we perform titanium casting ?

  • Mold machining graphite titanium casting — This method simplifies molding and effectively controls metallurgical quality. Casting thicknesses and sizes can be easily controlled. Larger size castings can be produced.
  • Ceramic mold titanium investment casting -This method produces more precise cast pieces, with details like logos being clearly cast. Complex shapes can be well cast using the method.

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