zinc casting

Introduction to Zinc casting

One of the main differences between aluminum and zinc alloys is that zinc has a lower melting point and requires a lower pressure for casting. Zinc is considered to be the most commonly used of the castings of all the alloys.
Having a lower melting point, allows a zinc mold to last much longer than aluminum molds. Molds are expensive and keeping them for a longer service life will provide a more cost-effective approach to high-volume casting projects.

Zinc casting in general

1. Material:
2. Applications
Automotive, aerospace, wireless communications, HVAC, windows and doors, partitions and architecture, medical equipment, interiors, parts of lighting and security systems
3. Finishing
Blasting / sandblasting Polishing / brush Powder coating / painting Plating: cooper / nickel / chrome / imitation gold / PVD, satin or glossy finish

More about Zinc casting

In addition, zinc’s lower melting point allows for hot-chamber casting, which is less expensive than cold-chamber processes. By using the hot chamber die casting method, the production speed will also be increased. Zinc is one of the hardest alloys around, and it surpasses even aluminum in its impact resistance.

Another advantage of using zinc alloys over aluminum alloys is that zinc is suitable for castings with complex details and thin walls. When zinc is used, very little machining, trimming, or finishing work is required because the lower pressure and melting point reduce the thermal shock it experiences during casting. When cast with zinc, it maintains a smoother surface right after being ejected from the mold

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