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Precision machining in Vietnam

The field of CNC precision mechanical processing includes detail part machining, jig machining, fixture machining, cnc turning, cnc milling, mold machining, CNC laser cutting , ...CNC precision engineering is one of the key areas of Vietnam factories, with great attention and great investment from the supplier as well as from the Goverment of Vietnam

General situation of precision machining

Currently, in Vietnam, there are many small workshops that provide CNC precision engineering but only a small number of companies and factories meet the standard requirements of domestic customers or foreign customers. That is a huge obstacle when many FDI customers want to localize components and details in Vietnam. Many customers in the US or Europe want to take the initiative in the supply chain in Vietnam but cannot find a reliable and qualified partner. So the core problem of manufacturing enterprises is the need to improve production capacity, improve quality, consolidate the management system, … to meet the standards, then the opportunity to join the supply chain will come.

Our suppliers capability

Factory capacity

The factories of our CNC precision machining suppliers often have an area of 2000m2 or more. Distributed around the area of Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam.

Multiple precision machining workshop systems are linked in the same factory.

Quality management system: Iso 9001: 2015.

Machine capability

CNC milling (Korea, Japan, Germany)

CNC Lathe (Japan, Germany)

CNC Turning (USA)

CNC Laser Cutting (Taiwan)

Surface Grinder (Japan)

External Grinder

CNC wire cut

And more…


Typical product

Machine components and details

Jig and fixture


Customer CNC machining

Pandemic situation, challenges and opportunity

Challenges and Solutions

According to a report from the Vietnam Association of Supporting Industry (VASI), in 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, nearly 50% of the enterprises of the association had a sharp decline in revenue. This decline comes from two sides when factories have to implement social isolation policies, the amount of direct labor for production decreases. On the other hand, international clients have no way to come to Vietnam for surveys due to border closure.

However, with timely and drastic policies from the government. Especially with the universal vaccination, the epidemic has been quickly reversed. Currently, CNC precision machining factories have returned to work and stabilize their production

Opportunities for metal machining service

Facing directly with epidemics has created new opportunities for machining centers in Vietnam, for example:
– Many businesses said that they have changed their business plans and strategies to survive and develop.
– With Chinese goods being constrained in the country due to the drastic isolation order, the hiring of export increases has created opportunities for CNC precision products and custom metal machining services in Vietnam in general.
– The removal of border quarantine means that international customers can come to Vietnam to inspect and find new suppliers.

We Guarantee Successful Outsourcing

Best delivery performance, competitive pricing, better commercial terms, stable supplier base, control lead time

Effective and seamless workflow

With millions of parts delivered annually and serving more than 30 international customers, we are practicing the most advanced workflow to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers

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