Introduction of Water jet machining

The waterjet metal cutting machine is industrial equipment that is capable of cutting metal materials. It uses a very high pressure of water to surface material or it can use a mixture of water and abrasive substances.

This type of machine is often used in the manufacturing of machine parts. This is a method used for cutting high temperature-sensitive materials produced by other methods.

The waterjet cutting machine is used in various industries such as mining, shaping, drilling, aerospace industries, etc.

Construction of water jet metal cutting machine

A waterjet cutting machine consists of 4 basic parts as follows:

  • XY Motion table (CNC frame set): robot arm control operating mechanism.
  • The pump is the part responsible for creating great pressure on the water flow.
  • Cutting head: is the part used to guide the small diameter of the water jet to create the best cut.
  • Control software: is the part responsible for designing and controlling the cutting machine.
    These basic parts work under a system to ensure unity and consistency to promote their functions. A very high-pressure pump will require water lines, a cutting system capable of withstanding pressure and wear.

How does it work ?

The basic principle of a water jet machining is to operate water flow through pumps at high pressure when in operation. The booster pump and a crankshaft pump are the two types of pumps in common use today.

  • Direct drive pump, whose job is to pass water through a high-pressure hose using a plunger attached to the crankshaft.
  • A booster pump is supposed to create pressure by using hydraulic oil to move the plunger through a small hole.
  • The water will then travel along the high-pressure hose to the sprinkler. In the nozzle, water is concentrated into a water beam by a very small hole. This water beam will be pushed out from the impact of the nozzle and then cut through the metal material by spraying at a speed of about 760m / s.

Advantages of Water jet machining

In order to be able to cut metals such as titanium, steel, brass, and aluminum …, the use of waterjet technology is the best cutting method compared to laser cutting machines and plasma cutting machines.

Using this type of metalworking machine can cut thick metals while still ensuring high precision. The abrasive water injection system is also less expensive than laser cutting. That is why it becomes an option for metal cutting and steel cutting in the manufacturing industry. This technology is a cold cutting process and is therefore also used in the automotive, medical, and aerospace industries.

The waterjet cutting machine also uses an abrasive additive (abrasive water jet machining) to create a clean cut that saves time and money. It can be said that this is one of the most flexible and efficient cutting processes:

  • No material deformation due to heat
  • There is no smoke
  • No toxic fumes.
  • Does not change the metal structure

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