Aluminum extrusion line

What is aluminum extrusion

Extruded aluminum products are created by extruding heated aluminum billets through a mold to produce the desired cross-section. The extruded aluminum then cut into the appropriate length and pass through a number of additional processing steps such as bolt hole machining or put components together to create a final product. The aluminum extrusion method is very suitable for large-scale production because it can quickly create strong, durable aluminum products thanks to the hardening method in the forming process.

Shapes of extruded aluminum

Extrusion is a manufacturing technique that creates a continuous length of material. There are three main categories of extrusions: solid, hollow, and semi-hollow. These categories are defined by the shape of the cross-section of the product. Examples of extruded shapes include rods, beams, angles, tubes, channels, and more. Aluminum extrusion is a highly complex manufacturing process that involves many different steps. To understand how all of the parts fit together, let’s start by taking a closer look at the individual processes.

Extruded aluminum steps

Step 1:

Preheat the die before loading it into the press. Preheat the die at around 450°C to 500°C. If you’re using a hot runner system, heat the runner first and then load the die. When the die is loaded into the press, the temperature should be maintained at about 400°C.

Step 2:

The billet is pre-heated at 400-500 degrees celsius to a required malleable  point for the extrusion process

Step 3:

The billet is lubed before being loaded on the press. This step was done to prevent the ram and billet from sticking together

Step 4:

Billet material is pushed into the container as the ram applies pressure

Step 5:

As the material spread out evenly across the cavity. It will continuously be pressed up against the extrusion die

Step 6:

After emerging from the press, the extruded material is guided along an endless conveyor belt called a runout table. The extrusion is moved at a constant rate through the quench section, where it is cooled down evenly.

Step 7:

After leaving the press, the extruded material is still very warm. It must cool down before it can be cut. This cooling takes place slowly because the material is moving through a series of water baths. If the material did not cool enough, the next bath might melt the material. After passing through all the baths, the material finally comes out of the last bath at room temperature.

Step 8:

As the extruded aluminum cools down naturally, there will be some normal defects that can occur. Stretchers are usually utilized in this situation to correct shape and size to expected measurements

Step 9:

Finally, the extruded aluminum will be cut into a specific length between 8 – 21 feet long. At this point, normally the product will reach T4 temper. T5 or T6 can be achieved in an aging oven later

Vietnamese factories - a thriving force of extruded aluminum

Currently, aluminum extrusion suppliers in Vietnam are equipped with the most advanced aluminum extrusion technology and systems. Equipment and machinery are purchased from leading aluminum production countries in the world today such as Spain, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan. Commonly used aluminum alloys: 6005, 6063, 6061. Heat treatment: T5, T6. The maximum length can be up to 21 m. There are suppliers with a production output of up to 55,000 tons of construction and industrial aluminum a year, and about 60000 tons of aluminum billets a year. In addition, the aluminum processing lines are closed in the factory such as anode, PVDF painting, and aluminum machining..

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