Aluminum casting

Aluminum casting definition

Aluminum Casting is a method for producing metal parts. It is a highly precise process that allows for the creation of intricate details in the finished product. Aluminum castings are often used for making engine blocks, transmission housings, and other components that need to be lightweight and durable. The process also produces a protective layer of aluminum oxide that prevents corrosion and rust.

Aluminum casting process

Another method for producing aluminum castings is to pour molten aluminum directly into molds, which are usually made of steel or other metals. These molds are often designed to create specific shapes with intricate details. After the metal cools, the pieces are removed from the molds and inspected for defects. Some molds can also be reused multiple times. Aluminum castings are made using these popular methods

The advantages of aluminum casting

High aesthetics
With advanced and modern aluminum casting technology along with the rigor of choosing aluminum materials. Since then, the products have a smooth flat surface, no pits, and good durability because the production process ensures absolute accuracy.

Easily adjusted size

The casting worker can thicken and thin a casting. Thanks to the die casting, the all-aluminum alloy becomes an aluminum block of the desired shape and size of the manufacturer. Products made from aluminum casting technology have optimal thinness.

Sharply reveal every smallest detail
Under the action of pistons, the aluminum alloys turn liquid and fully filled all the cavities of the mold to create the most natural lines

Aluminum casting in Vietnam

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