Metal milling

Metal milling in Vietnam

Metal milling processing is simply understood as a method of cutting workpieces in mechanical machining. Nowadays in Vietnam, along with the development of modern machines, milling processing brings many benefits, increasing quality and production capacity. In milling, there are many metals used such as titanium, copper, steel, and especially aluminum milling

Advantages and disadvantages of metal milling


– High precision, complex details no longer make it difficult for the mechanic. The quality of milling products is also improving day by day as well as serving more advanced requirements.

– Reduce time and effort for workers, and increase labor productivity.

– Minimize waste compared to other machining methods.

– Cost savings for the performers.

– Apply automation and mechanization.


– Some machine parts when machining by this method will have high cost or may not be produced.

– Milling is very difficult to apply to thin parts because they are easy to break during cutting. Normally metal billets must have a thickness of 0.8mm or more to apply milling operations.

– The price of CNC metal milling machines is quite expensive.

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