Outsourcing Die casting in Vietnam 2022 - 2023

There is no hiding that the EU and US manufacturers are looking for metal casting suppliers in the far East, especially the South East Asia region. Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam are the rising forces and are competing for the title of  “the new workshop of the world”. However, each country has its own strengths and weakness. Therefore, it is a wise thing for foreign customers to acquire basic knowledge and insight about the country’s industry landscape before they decide to send their valuable blueprint half the globe away from them. Either you are looking for a die casting foundry in particular or a metal casting company in general. This article will surely become handy.

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Vietnam Die Casting landscape

  • Vietnam’s casting industry has been developed since the 60s, diversified in products mainly in handicraft casting, statue casting for Catholic construction, machine platforms, and manufacturing tooling.
  • In recent years, the casting industry has developed in both quantity and quality due to the investment in scale and modern technology. Up to now, there have been companies that have produced products that meet the standards of heavy industry such as shipbuilding, automobiles, power plants … and export to other countries.
  • Starting to participate in the world supply chain, however, the number is still small.
    The domestic market share is divided and quite competitive because many small businesses are participating in die-casting marketing with their simple industrial and household product, and the technical content is not high.
  • There is a trend from Vietnam’s major die casting foundries, in which they choose to develop their business model and manufacturing in depth: Looking to export and penetrate FDI markets, join the global supply chain, and develop products with more technical content and higher quality, such as R&D, technology from die casting to finishing machining, surface treatment…

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The strength of Vietnam Die Casting suppliers

  • Vietnam has a rich source of raw materials, young and abundant human resources, and investment in advanced technology in mold production, which is increasingly developing and is a favorable condition for the development of the casting industry.
  • The foundry industry can process many different materials; cast iron steel, and non-ferrous alloy … with a mass of several grams to hundreds of tons.
  • Fabrication of castings with complex shapes and structures such as machine tool bodies, engine covers … that are difficult or impossible to manufacture by other methods.
  • High precision in shape, size, and gloss
  • Multiple layers of different metals can be cast in one casting.
  • The manufacturing cost of castings is low, the production properties are flexible, and the productivity is high.

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Vietnam Casting foundry, what needs to be improved?

  • The accuracy of castings according to the classical method in terms of shape, size, and gloss is usually not high.
  • However, this technology is prone to defects, such as shortages and porosity, leading to defect testing requiring modern and relatively expensive equipment.
  • The operating efficiency of Vietnam dies casting factories is not high, leading to the fact that the cost is not efficient despite taking advantage of abundant human resources: The rate of waste is very high, partly due to the quality of the molds. and uncontrollable raw materials.
  • Very few metal casting suppliers have sufficient capacity for management systems with uniform and professional technical levels. This makes it difficult to implement product projects with large quantities and cost-effective requirements.

Casting products and production line systems

Popular casting products from Vietnam foundry

  • Details and components in the automotive industry
  • Pump details
  • Ship parts and anchors
  • Components and details of industrial machines
  • Aviation components
  • Power plant details

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Production line in major Vietnam casting suppliers

  • Pressure casting machines from Japan: Toshiba, Toyo, Ube…
  • Machine series made in Taiwan (TBC SD-150C…)
  • Machines from Frech, Italpresse Gauss,…
  • Tester: CMM (Zeiss, Mitutoyo, Hexa, …), X-ray, Spectro

Certification and philosophy

As a country in the Asian region, Vietnam is heavily influenced by the production philosophy of giants in the region such as Japan, Korea, and China. The production philosophies can be named as Kaisen, 5S… However, with the trend of integration and opening to the world, foundry factories in Vietnam have also begun to integrate iso standards. internationally into its production system, typically:
– ISO 9001:2015
– 6 Sigma
– Even MIL-STD

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