An overview Vietnam Aluminum suppliers

In recent years, aluminum factories and suppliers in Vietnam have experienced explosive growth. Despite facing many difficulties due to prolonged epidemics, industry stagnation due to broken supply chains, many aluminum factories in Vietnam still take measures to prevent epidemics from within the factory. Aluminum production workers even perform plant isolation to ensure production does not stall. Because of that spirit, it created a very strong resilience as soon as the epidemic was officially over. Currently, with the methodical training of human resources, the continuous learning spirit of workers and engineers, combined with the huge investment in equipment and machinery of the leaders of aluminum factories. This has made Vietnam’s aluminum industry in general and Vietnam aluminum products in particular reach international markets such as the US, Europe and other developed Asian countries.

Technology and Equipment

Vietnam’s largest aluminum factories are often concentrated in the North, surrounding Hanoi capital. With strengths in young and skilled human resources, competitive labor costs, advanced technology and machinery, aluminum suppliers in Vietnam are creating certain competition with their peers from China. Some common equipment and technologies found in Vietnamese aluminum factories include:

The aluminum extrusion line is imported synchronously from leading European countries such as Germany, and Italy .. The production capacity of the aluminum extrusion plant can be up to 15000 tons per month. Profiles aluminum profiles can reach lengths up to 21 meters. All of the above is only a small part of the extrusion capacity of aluminum factories in Vietnam.. 

High quality aluminum billets are homogenized or not. Directly imported from Japan, Taiwan, Korea …

Powder coating system is imported synchronously from leading corporations in the world. Fully automatic lines ensure the uniformity and quality are always at the maximum level for each product

The PVDF coating system is the latest technology in the aluminum surface processing industry that is completely imported from Europe. This technology ensures high aesthetics and always satisfies the most demanding customers and investors.

Aluminum Machining & Forming

The application of aluminum is becoming more popular, with aluminum products becoming even more complex in design and manufacture. However, aluminum product manufacturers in Vietnam always apply the most advanced machinery and equipment and use the latest machining and metal forming technologies to bring them to domestic and international markets.

Aluminum machining

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