aluminum extrusion line

Vietnamese suppliers extrusion line

Our main suppliers' aluminum extrusion lines are normally imported systematically from European countries such as Spain, and Germany ... This is to ensure the final aluminum product meets global basic and advanced level of requirements. The strong investment in equipment also demonstrates the desire to integrate, learn and welcome international customers to Vietnam.

Aluminum heating furnace

Billet heating furnace

Our billet heating furnace system always ensures the most stringent technical requirements as well as adapts to special aluminum alloys. The difference of our billet heating furnace lies in the temperature control during the extrusion from the billet. The extrusion to the output product achieves uniformity in hardness and quality.

Aluminum extrusion machine

In addition to the advantages in technology thanks to imports from leading equipment manufacturers in the world such as Kautec, Rexroth, we are also proud of our integration spirit. That is reflected in welcoming foreign experts to an aluminum factory in Vietnam to train and guide on how to operate and optimize the system.

Operating software

Most aluminum suppliers are often subjective in the application of technology in production but mainly based on experience. That is completely different from the way we operate in Vietnam. Accuracy and optimization are always prioritized and respected in production. That is the reason why we strongly invest in an aluminum extrusion operation software system synchronously with European machinery and equipment. This keeps our system running smoothly, minimizing waste of materials, and uniform product quality. The operators of the software must be engineers with long experience in the aluminum industry.

Aging furnace

We are proud that Vietnamese factories meet the standards and are accepted to manufacture products from Apple and Samsung. Some of our suppliers have the most modern and advanced aging furnaces that cover a wide range of aging modes. This makes our products stiffer and better than traditional products. The temperature difference is not more than 1 degree C in the whole system and the aging modes always meet the standard T4, T5, and up to T6

extrusion puller

Aluminum extrusion puller

Similar to the extrusion system, the aluminum puller system is also favored by factories in Vietnam. The aluminum products after the extrusion process can reach 230 mm in width and up to 100 mm in height. What’s more, the length of extruded and aging aluminum can reach 15m

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