centrifugal casting

About centrifugal casting

Centrifugal casting involves pouring liquid metal into a rotating mold, through centrifugal force that liquid metal is evenly distributed along the inner surface of the mold or liquid filling the mold to form a casting.

Advantages of centrifugal casting

+ Tightly fine metal structure, no gas pitting, shrinkage defects.
+ No complicated filling system, so it is less wasteful of metal.
+ Creation of a casting consisting of several separate metals in the same casting.
+ Cast hollow circular parts without the use of cores, thus saving materials and core labor.
+ Due to the effect of centrifugal force, the metal fills the mold well and can cast thin-walled objects, ribbed objects, or thin embossed objects. On the other hand, because the mold filling metal is good, there is no need for additional sprue, thus saving the casting metal.
+ Clean casting due to impurities, slag, and light nonmetals with small centrifugal force should not be mixed with the casting metal.


+ There is a phenomenon of area accumulation according to the horizontal area of the casting because each element with a different mass is subject to a different centrifugal force.
+ When casting pipes, the hole diameter is inaccurate and has poor surface quality.
+ Only suitable for hollow circular objects.
+ Mold needs high durability because working at high temperatures, under the effect of centrifugal force, and pressure of liquid metals on the mold wall.
+ It is difficult to get the exact inner diameter of the casting because it is difficult to determine the exact amount of metal poured into the mold.
+ The quality of the casting surface is poor (for rotating round objects) because it contains many impurities and slag.
+ The mold rotates at a high speed so it needs to be balanced and tight, which is difficult to achieve exactly.

Applications of centrifugal casting

Due to the above characteristics, centrifugal casting is now widely used to make silver swivel parts, pipes, rings and some other shaping details in steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and nonmetals. The inner lining is made of brass for good wear resistance, the outer layer is made of steel for good durability.

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