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7075 Aluminum - what you need to know

Aluminum 7075 - Alloy with zinc, magnesium, copper and chromium. Poor forming ability, good mechanical ability. The durability ranges from 32,000 to 76,000 psi. Aluminum 7075 is "aircraft material" aluminum. Its main alloying composition is zinc and copper, making it one of the most durable aluminum alloys available. In fact, its typical strength in the hard state T6 is higher than most medium carbon steels. The 7075 also has medium to good mechanical machinability ratings, corrosion resistance and anodizing ability

Main characteristics

7075 aluminum alloy is durable when undergoing heat treatment. It also has excellent properties at low temperatures


Aluminum 7075 is relatively durable compared to other aluminum alloys. Consequently, it produces greater backlash during shaping. Forming is best performed under the annealing condition and if it is difficult heating the material to 200-250 degrees Fahrenheit will assist in the forming process well.

Mechanical ability

The machinability of this alloy is good under the annealing condition and cooling lubricants should be used.


Often used in the manufacture of aircraft components and other aerospace applications where wear resistance is not required.

Welding properties

Resistance welding is the only preferred method of AL 7075 alloying. Gas welding should be avoided and the use of arc welding can reduce corrosion resistance.

Heat treatment

This alloy uses the solution incubated at 900 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours, cooled with water. The alloy can then be heat-hardened (aging).


The alloy can be forged in the temperature range from 900 degrees Fahrenheit to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. It must use a heat treatment solution after forging.

Hot machining

Heating the material to 250 degrees Fahrenheit will greatly aid in shaping.


Cold work is easily performed with the alloy under a soft, annealed condition. Conventional farming methods can be used, but the elasticity for this alloy is greater than that for other aluminum alloys.

Heat incubation

The temperature for incubation of AL 7075 alloy is 775 degrees Fahrenheit, kept at the temperature for 3 hours. Controlled cooling at 50 degrees F per hour then to 500 degrees F, from which it can be air-cooled.

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