The material in Vietnam vs China

The material in Vietnam vs China

 08:28 16/10/2020

Material has always been the hot topic of discussion when we talk about the alternative sourcing countries to China

Price war

Price war

 08:22 16/10/2020

An article from Daniel Pham Insight -


Sheet Metal Forming: Bending

 20:03 01/03/2020

Another common sheet metal forming process is bending. Companies typically perform bending on sheet metal using either a brake press or similar...


Sheet Metal Forming: Punching

 19:42 01/03/2020

Punching is a sheet metal forming process that involves the use of a punch and die set to create holes in sheet metal. One of the popular sheet metal...


Sheet Metal Forming: Hydroforming

 19:40 01/03/2020

A lesser-known sheet metal forming process is hydroforming. Vietnam Outsourcing can help foreign customer to find your best hydroforming partner in...


Sheet Metal Forming: Laser Cutting

 19:38 01/03/2020

Laser cutting has become an increasingly common sheet metal forming process in recent years. This process is one of the most popular metal forming in...


Sheet Metal Forming: Ironing

 19:34 01/03/2020

Sheet metal may also be ironed to achieve a uniform thickness

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