Metal finishing is a crucial process in many modern manufacturing operations.

Promising Innovations in Metal Finishing Techniques

 13:39 02/01/2022

Although metal finishing is not a new idea in the metal fabrication sector, we have just scratch at the surface of what metal finishing can actually...

Sheet metal fabrication

Comparison of Panel bender and Press brake

 14:30 06/11/2021

For many years, the first choice for bending sheet metal has always been press brake. But, the panel bender is about to change the game!

cnc machine XJ2PLGV

Bright future ahead for heat exchanger sector

 11:06 01/11/2021

Heat exchanger market reached a value of US$ 14.9 Billion globally in 2020 and the future is looking very optimistic for both the manufacturer and the...

The material in Vietnam vs China

The material in Vietnam vs China

 08:28 16/10/2020

Material has always been the hot topic of discussion when we talk about the alternative sourcing countries to China

Price war

Price war

 08:22 16/10/2020

An article from Daniel Pham Insight -


Sheet Metal Forming: Bending

 20:03 01/03/2020

Another common sheet metal forming process is bending. Companies typically perform bending on sheet metal using either a brake press or similar...


Sheet Metal Forming: Punching

 19:42 01/03/2020

Punching is a sheet metal forming process that involves the use of a punch and die set to create holes in sheet metal. One of the popular sheet metal...


Sheet Metal Forming: Hydroforming

 19:40 01/03/2020

A lesser-known sheet metal forming process is hydroforming. Vietnam Outsourcing can help foreign customer to find your best hydroforming partner in...

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