The power of consistency

There have been more than 1 time where I notice a local factory and international client give up on a project despite spending months working together
The power of consistency
There is no one fault, its simply that they run out of patience and believe. It’s simply that they feel their time and resources should be spent elsewhere.

Consistency in manufacturing is key

Imagine, you want to boil water, fire is up, temperature reach ~40 Celcius. You needed to do something else, so you turn it off, come back, and do again later. This keeps happening without any results. And in the end, you give it up.

Most of the time people give up:

  • Not because the goal is too difficult
  • Not because you are not good enough
  • Not because you are going in the wrong direction

Projects fail because the stakeholders didn’t have what it take to see it through. They let the obstacle get in the way. Ego and emotion cloud their judgment.

So, how to not give up halfway:

  • Having clarity and a lean plan. Communicate it with your team and the supplier. Give them something tangible to look forward to.
  • Break down the project into smaller milestones and do your best to achieve it and get small victories, one after another.
  • Continuously learning and improve. Constantly looking for a new way to work and solve the problem.
  • And when it comes to problems, a sheer desire to grow is necessary. Never must you allow yourself to be disappointed.
  • Last but not least, you need to love what you do. You need a strong sense of purpose. A vision that’s bigger than yourself. Thus it helps to keep your emotion at the base.

Doing all that will help you show up every day and keep others around you show up every day and deal with any problems that may arise.

After all “The obstacle is the way”

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