The 1st Manufacturer's Day 2019

Marking the first footprint on Vietnam manufacture outsourcing, VNO proudly presents the 1st Manufacturer's Day on 14th November 2019.

On November 14, 2019, Vietnam Outsourcing Company successfully organized the first Manufacturers Day 2019. This conference, although only taking place on a small scale with the participation of more than 20 factories, processing enterprises, mechanical engineering in Vietnam, achieved the necessary concentration and quality.

The workshop was divided into 3 major parts. Mr. Chris Mooney - Director initiated the event by introducing VNO and CNO. Thereby, demonstrating factories and enterprises in Vietnam a deep and clear insight into the Outsourcing scene in China that he had experienced for more than 17 years. By sharing his words, Chris let Vietnamese manufacturers understand the expectations of foreign customers and their worries about sending a product - their valuable asset. more than halfway around the world to find manufacturers. The way for them to overcome those concerns is none other than three factors: Price, Quality and Speed.
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Mr. Daniel Pham - VNO's director, allowed the audience to understand how VNO brought foreign orders to Vietnam and how VNO operates. He also emphasized that Vietnam will not be able to become a second “factory of the world” with the scale as China. However, becoming a mini-factory is entirely possible, and with a large manufacturing industry market, it is more than enough for a developing country like Vietnam. On the other hand, to achieve that, factories in Vietnam need to overcome traditional views to access new products and technologies. Most importantly, VNO will always stand by and be a partner to share the risk and technical burden for Vietnamese manufacturers. “Growth is never made by mere chance; it is the result of force working together ” Mr. Daniel Pham illustrates his point with the words of James Cash Penney - a famous American businessman


Last but certainly not least, Mr. Morris Hua - CNO's technical director shared about the difference between mechanical manufacturing style between East and West. Thereby, he also emphasized the importance of modeling as well as packaging. Find out more about Mr. Morris Hua's presentation here.

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Manufacturers Day 2019 has achieved a great milestone for the establishment of VNO as well as officially marking the footprint of VNO on the road accompanying the manufacturing industry in Vietnam. Through this, VNO would like to send the most sincere gratitude to the partners who have attended the program. We will see each other again in many upcoming shows in the future.

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For manufacturers and partners who want to learn about VNO and how we operate, click here to receive the brochure

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