Reach to the sky - CNC machining and Aerospace industry

Worth over $800 billion, the global aerospace industry is ripe with innovation and chances, especially for CNC machining.
Reach to the sky - CNC machining and Aerospace industry
The global aerospace industry is a hotbed of design and manufacturing innovation, with millions and millions of complex metal parts produced yearly. But first, what is aerospace? More than just aricrafts and spacecrafts, aerospace is a highly diverse industry comprising many sub-sectors, covering everything from commercial aviation to space exploration. Its value as a global industry is estimated to be far surpassing $800 billion and it services the private, commercial, and government defense sectors alike. In fact, according to figures of Aerospace Industries Association, it has contributed to over $900 billion to the U.S. economy and employed over 2 million people in 2019 alone. 

When we talk about aerospace in general or just airplanes and space crafts in particular, the first thing that comes to our mind is: high-tech and safety. Being so expensive and highly sophisticated, each and every component must be of the highest standards. Regardless of the aerospace project you are working on; there is no room for error in the production and assembly of an aircraft because any flaws or inconsistencies can have devastating effects.

Due to the vast number of aerospace sub-sectors and the vast number of applications and products within those sub-sectors, aerospace requires a broad range of manufacturing technologies, from traditional techniques like casting and welding to cutting-edge technologies like metal additive manufacturing. The extremely high level of precision needed within the aerospace industry makes CNC machining a suitable manufacturing process for the sector. The capability of this process to achieve very tight tolerances for metal and plastic parts allows it to offer robust solutions in the industry. 

What is aerospace CNC machining?

This CNC machining process involves creating CNC machining aerospace parts to assemble and maintain aircraft and space shuttles. Aerospace CNC machining companies use kits, components, and assemblies which are essential for crafts used in the aerospace industry. One of the earliest applications of aerospace CNC machining was the production of bulkheads and wing skins. Today, many aerospace parts can be machined, such as transmissions, landing gear components, and electrical components. Machining might also be used to repair or modify existing parts, to add detailed features, or to add engraved textual information such as serial numbers.

What does aerospace CNC machining create?

There are so many applications across different industries. An aircraft comes with millions of components. Therefore, there are many manufacturing processes involved in their production. These processes range from sheet metal fabrication and injection molding to advanced manufacturing processes like aerospace CNC machining and 3D printing.
Aerospace machining is responsible for so many aerospace parts that it is  impossible to list all of them. That being said, we can still name some of the more common applications of aerospace CNC machining such as: hydraulic manifolds, transmissions, fuel bodies, landing gear, electrical connectors, housings, oxygen generation systems and more.
Aerospace CNC machining companies pair sophisticated design with workflow software and state-of-the-art inspection processes. This helps the companies to produce end-use parts and high-quality tooling components for aerospace manufacturers. CNC machining doesn’t only have an important role in the production of aircraft end-use parts. It also plays a vital part in aerospace R&D. This role enables aerospace companies to rapidly iterate new component designs, test them and, if needed, edit them. However, these parts must meet strict safety criteria, standards, and certifications.

Why choose us for aerospace machining projects?

At VN Outsourcing, our engineers meet the stringiest of industry standards to revolutionize the CNC machining process continually. With our office located in Vietnam, Vietnam Outsourcing Pte ltd can negotiate on your behalf to ensure that the manufacturer and the factory workers understand your expectations while obtaining the best quotes and deals. Our Vietnamese agent’s support is valuable in terms of conducting factory inspection, verification of the supplier’s authenticity and ensuring the parts reach you on time. When sourcing from Vietnam, many encounter the difficulty of finding the right manufacturer or factories for machining metal parts. A specialised sourcing agent can step in here and help you opt for the right factory equipped with a range of tools, techniques and technology for precision machined parts. Our engineer experts help you find reliable machined metal parts manufacturers who are detail-oriented and who are willing to provide you with a sample for your evaluation before placing the order.

We make outsourcing your manufacturing to Vietnam a totally low-risk venture. With huge savings to be made, why wait? Contact us or call us on +84 9 7979 6222  today to find out more about the advantages and challenges of manufacturing outsourcing to Vietnam and discuss your requirements with us.

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