Ministry of Industry and Trade cooperates with Samsung to train 200 mold experts

On July 14, 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will co-ordinate with Samsung Vietnam to hold the "Opening Ceremony of Vietnam Molding experts Training Project" at 23 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
The opening ceremony is expected to be chaired by Minister Tran Tuan Anh with the attendance of over 100 other delegates, emphasizing the importance and role of the mold field in industrial production and development of supporting industries. . The event focused on introducing, promoting, and sharing the information of the training course to a large number of agencies, organizations, industry associations, enterprises in the field of Vietnamese molds.

The event was implemented on the basis of signing a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the Vietnam human resource training project for the period of 2020-2023, within the framework of the 9th meeting of Vietnam - Korea Joint Committee. October 22, 2019 in Seoul between the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Samsung Vietnam. The objective of the program is to train 200 mold experts, improve the level of mold design, fabrication, and manufacturing with high precision machining, ensuring to meet the mold needs of businesses. Vietnam, in order to improve the initiative and competitiveness of enterprises as well as the ability to participate in global production chains.

Therefore, the event "Opening Ceremony of cooperation project on training Vietnamese mold experts" aims to broadly promote, as well as, information on training programs to the Vietnamese industrial enterprise community in general and enterprises. career in the mold industry in particular. With trained human resources, management skills, production operations of many advanced countries, it will create a strong spillover for the development of mold industry human resources in all fields. manufacturing sector.

Considered "the basis of the industry", mold manufacturing is developing in the direction of focusing on investment and technology development. With the ability to produce products in large quantities, short production times, and high levels of stability, mold products are an indispensable tool in many industries, from furniture products. appliances to modern aviation and electronics products. For Vietnam, the value of the mold and precision engineering industry in Vietnam is currently over 1 billion USD / year; With an annual growth rate of 18%, this industry is attracting the attention of many domestic and foreign enterprises.
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In recent years, Vietnam's supporting industry has been growing and playing an important role in product development. There are currently about 1,800 enterprises producing spare parts and components, but only about 300 enterprises have joined the production network of multinational corporations. However, in the value of USD 1 billion, domestic enterprises only account for about 42%, the rest are foreign enterprises. Notably, Vietnamese enterprises only make 8.5% of molds, the rest are molds. Therefore, the demand for molds for plastic, mechanical engineering, machine parts, components ... to improve product quality is huge, helping domestic enterprises increase their capacity to participate in the global supply chain.

In fact, in advanced developed countries such as the US, Japan, China, and South Korea, technology applications have long been applied not only to the mold manufacturing industry but also to all fields. other. These countries have formed high-quality production complexes such as designing and manufacturing hot-stamping dies, cold-stamping dies, pressure dies, automatic die molds, ... specializing in providing heat treatment services for companies. manufacturing other molds, designing standard parts to serve the process of making molds such as mold blocks, springs, guide poles, laminated rubber, mold base, etc. Standard and high precision. In addition, they also provide software used in mold manufacturing such as CAE, CAD, CAM, ...

The common ground of the world mold industry has 5 items including design, processing, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly and testing, the production technology of Vietnamese enterprises today is at 70.36% rate. If considering the 5 levels of technological capacity, domestic enterprises have produced level 3 and 4 products, the products in the level 1 and 2 groups still have to be imported from big corporations in the world. There is a need to improve mold production capacity and product quality in the future.

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