Let us stop with the shame narrative!

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Let us stop with the shame narrative!

A story of Vietnam factory

Shame is the dream killers, shame amplifies our fear, keeping us from even trying to step out of the comfort zone to try new things, to explore a new market, working with a new customer segment that we might have thought to be out of reach. It makes us shy to be vulnerable, to make the necessary questions, and to try to be a better version of ourselves.

Shame naration in Vietnam factory

Vietnamese factories can’t even make bolts and nuts, Vietnam price can’t be competitive to China, Vietnamese manufacturers are up to no good, they are not properly ISO certified…, that the shame narratives that are repeated again and again and again in every occasion by industry experts and then of cause quoted, exacerbated by the media.

And from as long as it can be, this has been the narrative that we’ve been telling ourselves about the Vietnam manufacturing landscape in general.

Well, Yes, when we talk about joining the supply chain of giant enterprises ie Apple or Samsung, the pool of players will be limited. And yes, there is a long way for Vietnamese factories to learn, to improve. But I also think that there is a big portion of our manufacturers can offer great values to Western customers, those who are also SMEs (which normally consist of at least 98% in every country). Our workers work hard, still a low-cost-economy. Our engineers are well trained, many of them are trained by Japanese/Korean lead firms. And as a matter of fact, if Western companies don’t see our values they wouldn’t have been swamping us and try to move their supply chain from China to Vietnam.

I’ve worked on a product that Vietnam factories can outshine in terms of quality, at similar pricing to Chinese suppliers. I’ve met engineers that are respected by our Western peers.

So stop with all the negative narrative about Vietnamese factories. Go out there, be humble, be vulnerable, but never be ashamed of who we are today.

Keep learning, upgrading, and captures the opportunities at our door front today and growth with it.


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