How doese a CNC machine work

A CNC machine is a computer controlled carving machine

A CNC machine is a computer controlled carving machine.  It generally speaking reads G Code that instructs the machine how to move, what feedrate and spindle speed to use, which cutting tool should be in the spindle, etc. The cutter that the machine has in the spindle will carve through the material (generally metal) and create the intended shape. The material that has been removed is called "chips" and it will usually be recycled.
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In most cases a CNC machine is programmed by a programmer using CAM software who uses the software to apply tool paths to a 3D or 2D model of the part they want to make. Once the programmer has finished his/her programming work, the program is fed into a post processor which will turn the CAM program into the G code the machine can read. The G code is uploaded into a the CNC machine along with all the cutting tools needed, raw material and work holding needed to hold the raw material. Then a machinist will put the machine into automatic mode and start the program to make the part.

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