How are Manufacturers in Vietnam doing 5S?

Currently, many companies from around the world have focused on investing in Vietnam. In particular, recently with the strong investment wave of Japanese people, especially in the production environment, more and more Japanese manufacturing factories have been built, followed by a management model of Japanese people. Even Japanese working culture has been introduced into our country.
5S wheel diagram 1 300x291
5S wheel diagram 1 300x291
1. About 5S

Like many other methods and tools, 5S is formed with the development process of production management systems in the world. Ignoring the period before World War II was the inheritance and development of the production system that changed the world of the Japanese (TOYOTA production system). The founder of Toyota, Sakichi Toyoda and engineer Taiichi Ohno has successfully developed production system Toyota called (TPS: Toyota production system), viewed as a philosophy has always eliminate / minimize activities / sports This creates wasteful and unreasonable business and production processes in order to shorten the time from when customers place orders to the time when Japanese customers receive goods at the lowest cost and highest quality. That is the foundation for the development of automobile industry giants Japan today.

2. Situation of 5S in Vietnam

The actual 5S model was applied in Vietnam for the first time in 1993 at a Japanese company (Vyniko). Currently, more and more Japanese manufacturing companies are investing in Vietnam, so 5S is becoming more and more popular. And not only at Japanese companies, Vietnamese companies and factories also started 5S activities to improve the working environment and raise awareness for their employees. In particular, government-related mass organizations such as Hospitals, public offices in Vietnam ... have also been applying 5S programs in movements within their agencies.
However, there are some typical differences among businesses doing 5S, so there are a number of successful units, besides there are also many businesses that have not done well, have not promoted the effectiveness of 5S. .

100% Japanese company

These are companies that have been invested and developed by the Japanese, or companies that the parent company is in Japan and is based in Vietnam. 5S characteristics in these companies is the parent company / management Japanese who understand the need of 5S and have 5S standards available. They set the standards themselves, and Vietnamese employees follow the standards to implement.

However, the implementation of 5S also has many difficulties due to changing production environment. This may be due to the lack of appropriate regulations on 5S by Japanese enterprises in Vietnam, or because managers in Vietnam do not know how to transfer and promote 5S comprehensively. Therefore, these businesses sometimes have to rely on the advice of 5S consulting companies.
Vietnamese companies are related to Japan

These are joint venture companies with Japan, or companies whose direct customers are Japanese enterprises. To ensure the quality of products or other criteria that are appropriate for the partner, they are required by the partner to do 5S (sometimes realize the importance of 5S and conduct it themselves).

The characteristic of 5S activities in these enterprises is implemented by requests from partners, so the self-awareness is not high and the priority for 5S activities is low. Of course 5S activities here are carried out based on the direction of the partners, sometimes they ask other 5S consulting units to support them.

100% Vietnamese company

These are companies that are completely unknown to 5S and have not had the opportunity to cooperate with Japanese businesses yet. However, through research and information, they came into contact with 5S, realized the advantages of 5S so they wanted to apply it to their company. The characteristic of these companies is their enthusiasm during implementation, but due to lack of understanding of 5S, the implementation encountered many obstacles.

However, at present, Vietnam has a lot of pure Vietnamese enterprises with enthusiastic leaders who have strongly implemented 5S activities. These businesses often need the advice of experts.

One often overlooked benefit of implementing 5S in these businesses is "Standardize" and "Maintain" in accordance with S4 and S5, which compels organizations to apply the principles of standardized work. and is accompanied by a high degree of discipline and compliance to implement 5S successfully. But most of the operating / working standards at businesses have not yet been standardized or are not fully standardized. Therefore 5S and standardization of work / operations are inseparable, standardization is the product of 5S implementation.

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