Cold-Chamber Die Casting

Better suited for metals with high melting points such as aluminum, during cold-chamber die casting, metal is liquefied and then ladled into a cold chamber where a hydraulically operated plunger pushes the metal into the die.

Definition of Cold Chamber Die casting


Molten metal must be ladled into the chamber directly, either through a ladle system or manually. Once the molten metal is loaded to a sufficient volume, it will be injected into the die through a high-pressure hydraulic plunger. Pressure requirements for cold chamber castings are typically higher than those of hot chamber die castings.

Cold chamber die casting can also take as short as seconds for the die to solidify, though other simple designs take just a few minutes. Cold chambers are typically built to contain multiple cavities, so different machine parts can be created at the same time — either duplicates or a variety of different parts in the same mold.

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