AAR meeting

With a lot of excitement, VNO just hosted an After Action Review (AAR) meeting with our supplier of the swivel connector (an assembly of copper alloy machined components).
AAR meeting
brass product in Vietnam

The purpose of the meeting :

  • To celebrate and express our gratitude toward the engineering teams both from VNO and our Supplier to make the project happen.
  • To summarize all the not-so-good issues during about one year of work.
  • To set out a plan, not just for production, but also to rectify all of the remaining findings.

This over 3 hours meeting is very difficult to host effectively. Stakes are high, lots of emotion may arise, some different opinions in place. We have to be straight forward and honest with ourselves in order to drive change and improve the factory. After all, it’s one of our 2 missions in VNO. But how to do it without offending the factory?

  • First of all, we have to get into the meeting with a positive attitude, a pure heart that strives for the common good of both VNO and the factory.
  • Secondly, we have to manage the meeting in a precise plan structure by setting out rules that everyone will follow

The AAR is a common practice after every major New Product Introduction (NPI) project. It’s difficult to handle, sure. But it’s nowhere nearly difficult as solving an issue that we had solved before.

So, face it, do it, work on it together. Drive the change in the organization and grow together.

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