4 levels of effective communication

4 levels of effective communication

The 4 levels of effective communication in a factory

Let’s call this the Knot diagram

factory communication


  1. No communication, no collaboration:

It seems hard to believe, however, it’s not rare that co-workers don’t voice out when they see others in the same factory make mistakes or getting into trouble or might get into trouble. After all, it’s not their job. They are busy with their own tasks.

  1. Some communication, decent collaboration:

When the working environment is safe, the brotherhood feeling between engineers, workers, and the foreman is formed. They tent to voice out more and help each other when they see something wrong. Most factories must try to create this kind of working culture.

  1. Too much communication, less collaboration:

As the company grows, teams get bigger, there is more hierarchy in the system. Politic and bureaucracy start to jam the fluidity of the workflow. Managers in such companies often get stuck in long meetings that provide little to no productivity of their workday.

  1. Less communication, good collaboration:

To me - effective companies are those that

  • Have a practical set of SOPs that clearly define the role of each individual.
  • More importantly, a culture of 100% accountability so that when a problem or unknown situation that is not covered in the SOPs happens. People will take ownership of the problem and deal with it immediately.

In manufacturing, there will always be new problems. The lag between the time when such problems occur and the moment when somebody takes action on it and inform the customer will determine the reliability/creditability of that factory in the eye of the customer.

Hiding won’t do any good. Effective communication is the key form of trusting relationships between co-workers and between factories and their customers

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