Six sigma, target value of QS9000 or quality assurance standard

The stance of the approach is different in Six Sigma and QS9000. However, both activities are to target to make business process in small dispersion. The target value or the quality assurance standard is as follows.
The six sigma is a target value. However, QS9000 is a quality assurance standard.


Comparison among ISO9000, QS9000, and six sigma

Item ISO9000 QS9000 Six sigma
Policy management Quality policy Quality policy Business plan There is no quality policy
Unit of activity Especially, there is no regulations Cross-functional small group Cross-functional small group
Target Qualitative Quantitatively Quantitatively concrete
Continuous improvement It is in the demand It is the demand Continuance improvement
Continuous improvement It is an object as for what is It is and potential are contained To the potential one
Training It voluntarily executes it It voluntarily executes it It systematically executes it
Tool It provides by itself QFD, CS, FMEA, benchmarking, SPC, DOE, and MSA, etc It attaches importance to the Taguchi methods
Six sigma

Author: Phan Nguyen

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