Six Sigma Activity and the Trend of Quality Management


What is the present Quality Management?

1. Today, Quality means the broad idea


2. Customers are most important

                                                                                                   The appearance of new products
The market is changing always   Picture18       Change of products in customers
                                                                                                     Invasion by competitors




What is Quality?



3. Quality by all and by the quality of people




4. Activity in excellent companies

6 Sigma Activity

15          14    


5. About the six sigma


Sigma (σ): A statistical term that shows dispersion.

Dispersion: Statistical frequency of occurrence.

16 The system to make every
error and defect of business
below 3.4 times in one million

Why Six Sigma was born in the USA?
Thorough Research of Japan by the United States

                   Comparison of Japan-U.S. on the occurrence of error



6. The process of Six Sigma Activity

The project team applies the process and improves the issue solved

In the Six Sigma, it is assumed, "The enemy of management is in the dispersion“ and the dispersion is expressed with COPQ (Cost of poor Quality). Reproduction cost, an abandonment cost, and an inspection cost are visible cost. However there are invisible costs such as cost for changing plan, materials procurement cost, design change cost, and inventory cost, etc.


Author: Phan Nguyen

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