Vietnam aluminum industry landscape in 2022

I. Vietnam aluminum industry landscape in 2022

 At the time of the first half of 2020, the Covid epidemic broke out, so Vietnam implemented social distancing. Therefore, all production and business activities of non-essential products such as aluminum are affected. According to the Construction Union newspaper, in the first quarter of 2020, the number of employees in the aluminum industry will be reduced by 30%.

From the end of the second quarter of 2020, the aluminum production situation gradually stabilized and recovered. With the goals of both anti-epidemic and production, aluminum production and trading enterprises have gradually restored their original stability.

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II. Vietnam aluminum manufacturer’s capability

Vietnam aluminum manufacturer’s capability

Despite its location right next to China - A powerful country in metal production and especially the aluminum industry, Vietnam still has its unique advantages, including:
- Abundant and young workforce
- Skilled workers and good engineers
- Interact and learn from many major industry sources around the world
- Aluminum mills are highly competitive in the domestic market themselves, so they have to continuously upgrade and improve their technology, capabilities, and products.
Some outstanding capabilities of aluminum factories in Vietnam include:

Extrusion line


One of our largest suppliers possesses multiple Synchronous extrusion lines with a total capacity of up to 1200 tons/month, capable of producing shaped aluminum profiles with a length of up to 12.5m. The whole system is 100% imported from major European brands such as KAUTEC (Spain), and Omipa (Italy)… Billet reheating furnace with technology that enables us to control temperature during the extrusion process. Rexroth hydraulic system with the custom-designed system by experts from TECALEX and KAUTEC. An optimized software system is dedicated from the first stage of billet shearing to the last stage of the extrusion process. A modern aging furnace that is currently used by Apple and Samsung to manufacture their phone cases. The Puller system is capable of dealing with different treatment modes from T4, T5, and T6 and the product’s length can up to 14m.

Powder coating

VNO supplier’s powder coating line has a capacity of 700 – 1500 tons/month. Some of our key partners import a full system from the EU and the US which are worldly recognized such as Wagner (Germany), Nordson (US), UKpowdercoating (UK), Eastwood (US)


Our billet is widely imported from China, Malaysia (Press Metal), Japan (Sumitomo). non-homogenized or homogenized billet are both available

And there is still more to offer…

From PVDF coating, Anode to precision machinery like CNC machining, pressing, bending, lathe cutting… All these technologies and techniques are practiced and executed by skillful engineers. 100% of our engineers studied and graduated from Japan or Korea’s institute and vocational school. Our senior engineers are experienced and worked for Japanese and Korean major FDI factories in Vietnam.

III. Aluminum products made in Vietnam

Aluminum products made in Vietnam

Vietnam aluminum products in the Aerospace industry

Vietnam aluminum products in the Aerospace industry

Vietnam Aluminum products in the Solar energy industry

Vietnam Aluminum products in the Solar energy industry

Vietnam aluminum products in the Telecommunication industry

Vietnam aluminum products in the Telecommunication industry

Vietnam aluminum products in the automotive industry

Vietnam aluminum products in the automotive industry

Vietnam aluminum products in the heatsink industry

Vietnam aluminum products in the Heatsink industry

Vietnam aluminum products in the mechanical and electronic industry

Vietnam aluminum products in the mechanical and electronic industries

Vietnam aluminum products in Doors and Window industry

Vietnam aluminum products in Doors and windows

Vietnam aluminum products in-home and outdoor appliances

Vietnam aluminum products in home and outdoor appliances

IV. How to outsource your Aluminum product to Vietnam in 2022

How to outsource your aluminum product to Vietnam in 2022

- Step 1: Receive inquiries and proceed drawings with the technical department 
- Step 2: Contact customers again through the online meeting, email.. to learn more about customers' requirements and aspirations.
- Step 3: Evaluate the appropriate supplier and send RFQ
- Step 4: Receive and compare quotations from suppliers.
- Step 5: VNO issues final quotation and send it to the Customer 
- Step 6: Confirm the quotation with the customer and deploy the sample
- Step 7: After the sample is approved, deploy to sign the PO
- Step 8: Mass production and processing
- Step 9: Logistics support for customers and suppliers


V. Q&A

Q & A about outsourcing to Vietnam

Is Outsourcing aluminum parts to Vietnam cheaper?
Actually Yes, due to the following reasons

- Vietnamese workforce is young and competitive, cost efficiency compared to China, Thailand, India
- Overall production cost is not cheaper than China, but Vietnam Outsourcing will help you find the best supplier with the most reasonable cost. We will also be playing the role of risk-sharing partner, so you won’t have to worry about finding another supplier to meet up with your demand. In long term, that would be cost and time efficiency

What is the production lead time in Vietnam?
The production lead time is subjective to the project. However, we understand that each customer already had an expected lead time before they send out their inquiry. We will talk to you, and we would come to a mutual agreement and understand how to process the project as you wish. We can also give you some recommendations regards to logistics and Shipping since we have been exposed to this problem for many years and have helped several customers in the US and the EU.
Outsourcing Vietnam Companies
We have thousands of manufacturing companies across the country. For metal manufacturing, the majority is located in the Northside of Vietnam. In order to enrich our supplier database, we have been traveling on monthly basis to meet new suppliers and get to know more about their capabilities. Some of our top suppliers have been active in the market for a long time however they have not yet developed their own brand recognition such as website, social media, or marketing infrastructure in general. And they are the ones who usually offer the best price.
Outsourcing to Vietnam compared to China
Even though expected to be a rising force in the region in terms of manufacturing, Vietnam has yet to become the manufacturing workshop of the work like China. However, we have our own strengths and potential such as a young and competitive workforce, highly trained and up-to-date technologies, FTAs, government support, logistic and export tax…
Risks when outsourcing to Vietnam
There will always be risks when you try to find a supplier half the globe away from you. However, Vietnam Outsourcing had our own rich history of more than 20 years of footprint in China and 5 years in Vietnam. We consistently rank at the top of our customer-supplier performance rating averaging. With above 99.62% on quality acceptance and 99.8% on-time delivery performance

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